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Model updated on May 4th. Some discrepancies expected from prior data

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Unlock Even More Features with Our Beta Dashboard

Analyze by Influence Level

Get insights on vaccine confidence through sentiment and trend analysis on social media, based on influence and follower reach (currently only supported for Canada, but please specify your country if interested!).

Unlock Historical Trends

Unlock historical trends going back to March 2021! Understand how sentiment differs and changes over time, and how it compares to today. Analyze key events as they unfold. 

Keyword Based Analysis

Compare the sentiment of social media posts based on different keywords. Answer questions like "How does the Pfizer vaccine's public sentiment (or confidence) compare to that of the AstraZeneca one?"

Analyze Public Discourse 

Analyze and understand the public discourse on social media by the level of  influence each post gets (based on number of followers) 

Screenshots from our dashboard

Bar Chart.JPG

Compare the social influence over time for different vaccine makers

Over Time.JPG

Sample predicted sentiments over time.  You control the desired date range!

Pfizer Wordcloud.JPG
KW Search.JPG

Analyze the most mentioned keywords and click on them to dynamically filter the sentiment OR search by your desired keyword!


Sample discourse pertaining to one type of vaccine for a specific time period

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