Monitor Vaccine Confidence

Our Dashboard detects vaccine-related sentiment and its confidence, allowing you to get a better understanding of the trends, concerns, and misinformation spreading over social media.

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Product Features

The road to healthcare accessibility is complicated. Think Luna aims to tackle those challenges on a global scale, starting with complexities associated with getting the COVID-19 Vaccine.

Vaccine Confidence

Get insights on vaccine confidence through sentiment and trend analysis on social media (currently only supported for Canada, but please specify your country if interested!).

Historical & Current Trends

Understand how sentiment differs and changes over time, and how it compares to today. Analyze key events as they unfold. Historical data begins from March 2021

Analysis by Keyword

Compare the sentiment of social media posts based on different keywords. Answer questions like "How does the Pfizer vaccine's public sentiment (or confidence) compare to that of the AstraZeneca one?"

Analyze Public Discourse 

Analyze and understand the public discourse on social media by the level of  influence each post gets (based on number of followers) 

Screenshots from our dashboard

Vax Compare.JPG

Predicted confidence for different vaccine makers for a specified period of time (images are illustrative only).

Over Time.JPG

Sample predicted sentiments over time.  You control the desired date range!

Pfizer Wordcloud.JPG

Analyze the most mentioned keywords and click on them to dynamically filter the sentiment (keywords include names of organizations, entities and public events etc. ).


Sample discourse pertaining to one type of vaccine for a specific time period


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How it helps you

While our dashboard is publicly available for anyone to use, it has been designed to suit the needs of Public Health Professionals, Public Sector Officials, Researchers / Academics, and Community Health Educators / Promoters.  


Tackle vaccine opposition 

Better serve communities


Create necessary educational material against vaccine opposition, hesitancy, and misinformation.

Better understand how sentiment and confidence are shifting to address the needs of vulnerable populations.

We're just getting started!

Our vaccine confidence dashboard is just the beginning.


Think Luna's data model can be easily scaled to build a real-time monitoring detection system for whatever is most important to you. Whether it's...

  • Monitoring health-related trends

  • Launching a new product

  • Starting a new service or program

or even just a general desire to know what people think about your organization - we have the capability to do it all!